Just a normal day after church. Earlis and I headed to his house to see his brother off; he lives in Dallas. We had planned to go out to eat afterwards, I thought! When we got to the house his brother was already packed and loaded up and ready to get on the road. They talked back and forth with one another and we all hugged each other. Then Earlis asked me to come in the living room for a minute, and he placed me in the middle of the room. He started talking to me about how God puts people together and how He has His own time and manner of doing things, while kneeling on one knee. I should have known what he was up too, but it still escaped me. The time I spent praying and dreaming and hoping and waiting for this moment, I should have known. I remembered thinking to myself, why is he saying these things. I was happy that he was talking to me in a romantic way and holding my hand in front of his brother as he held the camera videoing the whole thing (his brother). He is kind of on the quiet side, and a bit shy, too me, and I love the way he teases me about not listening to him, at times…he may be a little right. I am just simply overwhelmed by those lovely eyes that I have other things on my mind concerning him…lol! Then I realized what he was saying to me. He was asking me to marry him, and I got really excited and yelled, YES! He kept talking (like I did not say a word), and I just started crying. I had imagined him asking me to marry him in various ways. I thought he would do it in front of my sons or at church or at an intimate dinner with just us two. He really gave me a memorable moment!!!IMG_0724

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