I am not sure when I began thinking about being an entrepreneur, but I know I was at least a teen when the thought first came to me. I thought it would be cool to have my own business, choosing my hours and having the capability to employ others, even family. I was not sure in which direction to create this entrepreneurial opportunity, but I dreamed! In my neighborhood, where I grew up, there were several stores owned and operated by the owners. We had the local grocery store—Mr. Cook owned on the corner down the street from my best friend’s house. Around the corner from him was a restaurant (a diner). It was owned by a well-known family in the neighborhood. Their burgers were great! Across the street from the grocery store was a liquor store…which I was not allowed to visit! It too was family owned and operated. Two or three blocks on the other end of the street was a laundry mat, pizzeria and a convenience store. All of which were owned and operated by families that either lived in the neighborhood or did live and have now moved out. My first skating rink was owned by that same man that owned the pizzeria…that was my first job when I was younger.

Years later I cut and cleaned a ladies yard…she told her sister and cousin. After doing their yards, I then did a neighbors and another family member. Before I knew it, I was cleaning yards every weekend. It felt great to have my own “business” and have the chance to hire another person to help me. For weeks we worked and raked and cleaned. Because I started in the fall, my services went into the winter with shoveling snow from driveways and sidewalks. We also dug it out of the gutters. That was my first entrepreneur opportunity—a lawn care service. I left Kentucky and moved to New York (up state) and had to let the business go. But, no one forgets their first anything!!!stock-vector-pictograms-representing-people-doing-field-and-backyard-hard-work-103911977

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