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The West End, The Best End-LOUISVILLE KY

A shotgun house was the first house I remember living in with my family. It was a quiet neighborhood, for the most part. We did have a club (hole in the wall) on the far corner. But living around one of them forty years ago was much different than living around one now; the music only got loud on the weekends. Our neighbors to the left was a sweet old lady and her husband. To the right was a house full of boys, giants and Jehovah-Witness with their mother and father and auntie…some of the sweetest people I met while growing up. The house was located on 15 street. I am not sure if it has a name or a title other than 15 street. A shotgun house was long and you could see from the front door to the back…meaning all through the house. I am not sure if my mother was renting or what, but she got a chance to purchase a much larger house on the corner in the West End. The West End, in those days, was one of the best places to live for a middle class family, which we were not. My mother was a single parent raising five children, and most of the families in the West End were two parent homes or had an established career. My mother had neither. My God-father (the late W. H. L. Holmes) owned a house and offered to sell it to my mother for a very reasonable price. So we moved to the West End. It was a three story house with a large back yard and three entrance/exits. I even got my own room, eventually!!! I was in the fourth grade when this happened and had to enroll in Steven Foster Elementary School. Because the house was on a corner lot, the only neighbor was a lady that my mother already knew and was friends with, supposedly! My mother was the only single woman on the block, which was not good as she was built like a “brickhouse-36-24-36.” While living in this house had its advantages, it also had (my own room, bigger back yard with a pool and we owned it) it’s disadvantages (a yard to clean and more housework). It was a great transition for me to leave everything and start a new adventure!




Oddly enough there are several reasons why November holds my last post. In 2013 I thought I was pregnant but found out it was a tumor. Thank God it was benign! Just as before in 1998 when I had my first tumor removed. But as it turned out part of my ovaries was left in due to high amounts of scar tissue, so in 2015 I had to have surgery for the third time for the same issue. It grew another tumor, which was benign as well, thank God, again!!!

I had to go to the emergency room one evening due to continuous vomiting and pain in my lower abdomen. I tried to withhold the pain and take something for the vomiting, but they both only got worst. After seeing the doctor, I was informed that something was going on with my womb, which I no longer had. I was in shock! I asked them did they not see the notes from my previous surgery, which removed both my womb and other female parts, at two separate times. They only insisted that what they found was a womb. I happen to have an appointment the next day with my Gynecologist, which told me the same thing. He wanted to research my options and get back with me. And he did! Because of the scar tissue a section of the remaining ovary caused another tumor to grow. He thought it was best if another doctor did the surgery this time around and recommended me to a specialist in Savannah. I did not wish to have the surgery, so we spent some time praying about it before going into it.

I knew that God could and can heal you, and I believed the words of the Old and New Testament, He can do it again! I wanted to be healed and not go through another surgery, but surgery is what happened!

I met with him and we set the date in December but after my birthday, but we spent Christmas in the hospital anyway. Now, for the third time, I am entering the hospital to have surgery on my female organs! Checking in this time I had the Lord, and the man of my dreams as a support system as well as my sons who were much older than when I had the first surgery. So, I was in good hands. When I woke from the operation, I felt as though a Mack truck had hit me. I was in and out of it for the first couple of days and my diet still clear liquids. I had laparoscopic with robotics surgical procedure and another four scars on the outside. I slowly healed and was grateful to God all is well.



The Knife

Right when I was in the midst of divorcing my ex, I also found out that I needed to have an operation. In 1998 the doctor told me that I would have to have my womb removed…I was upset to say the least. But because I was headed into a divorce and the thought of separating my children (boys in the eighth and fifth grades) from their father was weighing in much heavier than my health, and besides the doctor told me I had time to wait…so I did! Well in the middle of all of that excitement I was exercising to lose weight. I was eating a little less but working out hard every day when I noticed that I was not losing any weight…no weight at all. I went back to the doctor to plan the surgery. October 1998 I walked into the hospital with a man that I had planned to spend the rest of my life with instead we were at odds with each other, totally, and I was about to have an operation that took the ability of having children, inside, me away along with having him as my support system…not good! The scar was not visible to others, which was great. Thank God!!! The surgery went well, and I was on my way home, which was a task to say the least within itself. When I had a moment alone, I cried. Realizing that I would not have another child was heart breaking, just heart breaking!!!


It has been a minute since I last posted anything, and I wanted to tell you why.

On my journey to being me, which I am still on, after graduating with my Masters, I have been seeking God for direction, something I have learned to do since my conversion. You see, too me, success is only through the leading of the Holy Spirit, and I plan to do just that, be led by Him. So, my posts may be limited for a while as I study for the next phase of my life, teaching in the public school system. After much prayer, I believe that teaching is the path in which God is leading me, and it is part of God’s plan. To be considered a teacher, you must first take a major test and then go through a program to complete the rest of the process. Because I am studying to be a Science teacher, I have a lot to study. I have obtained a tutor, my son Gabriel, to prepare me for the test. He is not a science major, but he is extremely good in the fields of math and electronics and can tell me much about some of the topics on the test. The program will not start until July, so I will have plenty of time to chat with you guys between taking the test and starting in the program. Well I will chat you later!!!