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On my educational journey, I have encountered several situations with teachers relating to my classes, some good and some bad; I plan to post them at various times, later. I wanted to post my first encounter failing a class because life and success does continue after a disappointing situation such as this.

When I started college, English was not a strong subject for me, and I had to work extra hard to bring myself to the college level and then work just as hard to maintain that level. After asking to be placed in a remedial English class, I was now in my first English college course…I was excited! It was a difficult course, and I was having a hard time keeping up. Well, at the end I failed. I tried really hard to pass and the failing was only by three points. The teacher spoke of how I had worked so hard…I wanted her to give me those points, but she did what was best for me and to this day, Ms. Shelby is one of my favorite teachers still. That summer, I took that same course with the same teacher and passed…I cried but I made it through.

College is not the place for people that wish to give up or who are not committed to finishing. I started in 2002 and finished in 2015 with three degrees and student loan debt “out the door.” I obtained an Associate’s in business, Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Education. I did it while raising my two sons, who are now attending college; I drove two hours away from home, every day, for over three years; I went through a divorce; I had two operations; got married to the man of my dreams; moved twice; started a business while working several part-time positions including being promoted to manager and assistant manager and that is only the major events. Now any of these events could have caused me to give up; but by the grace of God, I did not!!!




As a child my mom would often take us on camping trips. I am not an outdoor person, but if the trip was planned, everyone had to go. I would love the food and being with my sisters and brothers all in any setting. We would take our bikes and fishing poles (I was not a fisherman, so they did that on their own) and go for long hikes. I never liked being out side for long periods of time, maybe for a short time but not for that long a time. Well after driving to the camp site and setting up the tent we played games while the others went fishing. A major reason for not liking camping outdoors was being outside at night…with creeping crawling things and animals bigger than me despite the fact that I was with my parents. After eating and playing around with each other, it was now time for bed, in sleeping bags! As everyone was sleep and resting very well, I was not sleeping as well as everyone else because I was very uneasy. I slowly opened my eyes and to my surprise, I was eye-to-eye with the largest Daddy Long Leg spider I had ever seen. A Daddy Long Leg looks like an oblong black spot with thin lined with six or eight legs coming out of it. I did the best thing possible, screamed!!! I do not know the scientific name for the Daddy Long Leg and I was too scared to look for it.


If you have been to my blog before, you have read my post titled “Hair Loss.” Well when I was  a little older my mom would have me wear a afro puff. It was small and very cute but only attached to my head with pins. I liked wearing it, and I thought it was cute until…while in class one day a boy snatched it off. It was just a normal day in class. The teacher was showing a film and they always put me to sleep. With the lights off and the silence in the classroom, other than the teacher’s voice, I am on my way out. Before I knew it I was awakened to a loud sound of laughter, and I was wondering what was going on, as I was waking up. When all the students were pointing at me, and it hit me, my afro puff was off. One of the boys had snatched it off there I was exposed for the class to see…I wanted to die! I jumped up and snatched it out of his hands and tried to put it back on my head. I did not have time to cry because I had to keep myself together, and I did. But I cried all the way home! The next day, it was class as usual, and my afro puff and I was quickly forgotten.



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Well, it is truly official…I finally completed my Master’s degree in Education; I have been conferred, and it is on its way. It was a long time coming. I went through three schools, two different subjects and starting two sons in college, getting married to the man of my dreams, a false pregnancy ending in surgery, crying many nights, blood-pressure and sugar levels rising, yet I knew my help and strength was in the Lord regardless of everything else. I set out on this journey to improve my chances of employment and higher income. I started with an Associate’s degree in Business from the local community college. Before graduating, I proceeded to look for work and was unable to find what I was looking for because I needed a Bachelor’s degree, so I began the journey traveling over an hour away, over two both ways, to the nearest university to further my education. After crying my way through that graduation, again I was unable to lock in on the position I wanted and found myself contemplating the next level of education, my Masters. I thought I wanted a MBA and I sat out to attend one of the most expensive and well known online educational setting, Phoenix. I drove over two hours away for that education; I changed my mind quickly…the drive got long and boring quickly. I then went to another school, driving only an hour away, that after some complications, I changed my mind about that school as well. Then I learned the power of having a degree from a “brick & mortar” school compared to one from any other educational setting. I had a man approach me from a company (higher management) and he told me that his company would not hire anyone with an online degree form a school that was not “brick & mortar.” So, it took me some time to sort it out. When I did, I decided to attend Liberty University, and you know the rest. It was an adventure, but it was worth it, and I can do it at the age of 52 so can you!!!