Every Saturday morning my mother would wake my siblings and I early to do the yards. Now this work involved cleaning, raking, bagging and moving or planting bushes or flowers. While the work was only done in the summer and spring, it was still a task that I did not care for at all. I felt that landscaping work was not my job/career, which I did not have at the time seeing that I was only a young child or in my pre-teens. One Saturday as I was sleeping good in my bed and dreaming of Thor…my favorite hero…I heard the sound of my name being called over and over again. After the very aggressive and loud words of, “Don’t make me come up these stairs and get you.” I jumped up with an immediate, “Yes ma’am. I am coming!” As my sisters and I were the last to get to the yard party. My brothers were already raking leaves and we had to bag them. After that, the girls had to pull the grass from between the cracks in the sidewalk. I hated this…deeply! Our next job was to plant new bushes on the side of the new sidewalk momma had installed. While working with dirt and worms (yuck), my brother repeatedly teased me and he would make jokes at me by throwing dirt in my hair or pushing me over into a pile of dirt. Well, this time I got him back, and good! I took a pile of dirt and smacked him in the face with it…of course I had to take off running yelling, “Tag you’re it” with speed building up in the base of my feet ready to run. I may have been the fluffiest in the family but he could not catch me, the street did. As I was in high gear, I slid right into the middle of the street and scared up my left knee real good! He never got me back; he did not have too, the streets did the work for him. I was already prepared to have a concrete yard (from all the work momma made me do on Saturdays), but now I was convinced to turn my yard into pure concrete and never growing grass…I grew up!!!


If you can see my sister’s name, Paula, then you should be able to see mine–right above hers–Edith.IMG_0418

The up-stirs window was my bedroom. Thor was painted on the wall…mom let me!

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