A wedding day is something that most little girls and even adult women dream of. It is the day we dream about designing or shopping with family and friends for that perfect wedding dress. We even have the colors for the wedding all picked put. I had the man, and I chose several different colors before the actual day. I started with a white dress with a gold and red theme—red was my favorite color, at the time, and gold reminded me of him, and it was also the colors of his bed room and my living room and bed room. Then I went to a descending or ascending (which I could never make up my mind) blue to white or white to blue for my wedding dress. I went back to a white dress and a pink theme. That did not last long at all! I decided to leave my dress white and just changed the color themes—gold was the next color, a beautiful mustard gold. I found the perfect color, so I went with it and purchased over ten yards of fabric for the brides’ maids, whoever they were going to be. David’s bridal has a sale every year, and I found a dress that made me feel like a princess at a ball. I was ready…well he still needed to ask me. I lost that dress at the cleaners…that was my fault. So, when the day actually came, I had to make my own which I thought about many times. I started on it months before the wedding, and it fit me like my skin, snug and slightly tight.BW WEDDING 001

After making the dress, I got so nerves about marrying him I lost a whole dress size before the wedding; and at the wedding, it began to slide off!!!

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